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Minimum order for cupcakes  do apply - please ask

Any of my cupcakes can be  & filled  with your choice of:


Salted Caramel Sauce

Lemon curd

Mango and passionfruit curd

Raspberry jam

Strawberry jam

Peanut butter

Flavoured buttercreams such as:

White chocolate and raspberry

Velvet vanilla

Vanilla latte

Salted caramel

Lemon drizzle

Chocolate orange

Strawberry milkshake

Toppings (some of which may incur an additional cost)

Personalised fondant toppers e.g. Name, age and occasion 

Sprinkles - so many colours and themes!

Chocolate flakes

Salted caramel pieces

Various branded chocolates

Various sweets

Double Chocolate

A moist rich chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream - A real chocoholics dream.

Chocolate Orange

The Chocolate sponge teamed with a  chocolate orange buttercream - Simple perfection.

Choco Salted Caramel

 Chocolate sponge filled with salted caramel sauce, topped with a smooth salted caramel buttercream & salted caramel piece. - So good.

Red Velvet

 Red velvet chocolate sponge topped with a velvet vanilla frosting - One of my favourites

Cookies and Cream

Vanilla sponge with Oreo chunks and Oreo buttercream.


A moist sponge with carrots and spices with a cream cheese and vanilla buttercream

Contains nuts


A delicate vanilla sponge with a choice of jam or curds, with a plain vanilla buttercream  - A time honoured classic.

Lemon Delight

A light vanilla sponge filled  with  lemon curd and topped with  a lemon drizzle buttercream - Fabulously light


A rich chocolate sponge  with vanilla  buttercream 


A chocolate sponge with a vanilla latte buttercream...Yum!

Coffee & Walnut

The classic combination of coffee and walnut sponge & vanilla latte flavoured buttercream

Contains nuts

Black Forest

Chocolate sponge with a blackcurrant/cherry jam topped with a vanilla flavoured buttercream. a glace cherry and chocolate shavings

Vegan & Gluten Free available.

Many more flavours, please ask. 

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