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Cake cutting guide

This chart is to give you a rough guide as to how many slices of cake 2" x  2" x  4" you can achieve  if cut as shown.  Two inch slices are normally used for dessert servings, however if you half the slices to "finger slices" 1 x 1 x 4 you can double the serving amounts .


Important Information

Do's & Don'ts 

Do not store fondant covered cakes in the fridge,

they do need to be stored somewhere cool e.g. out of direct sunlight.

The cakes need to be stored on a flat surface and if collected, need to be secured so as no damage can happen in transit.

Your cupcakes/cakes are best consumed on the day of purchase

 or within 3-5 days of purchase, with the exception

 of fruit cakes (i.e. Christmas cakes) which can be kept

 for a longer period of time. 

Some cakes/models may contain sharp supports &/or in-edible elements i.e. dowels, if so, these need to be removed prior to serving.

If you need any other advice on storing or transporting your cakes, please get in touch.

Guarantees with T & C's

Food safety & Hygiene - I have a Food Safety Certificate Level 2 and I am registered with the local Council.  All my cakes are baked in a home kitchen, therefore I cannot guarantee that they are free from traces of nuts or other allergens. 

Deposits - Your cake order will only be 'booked in', once the deposit has been paid. Deposits need to be paid at least 7 days prior to completion for cupcakes and 14 days for larger cakes. The balance is due on collection/delivery of cupcakes and 7 days prior to collection/delivery of larger cakes. Any other terms is at my discretion.

Collection - If you wish to collect your order, you must keep to the agreed date & time. Once collected, the order becomes your responsibility. I cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to the cake once it has left the premises.

 When accept your order/delivery, you agree that you are happy with how the cake appears and I accept no liability from that point. Once the cake/s are accepted/leave the premises they cannot be returned.

Delivery - Your cake/s can be delivered locally  for a small fee. Delivery charges are  £0.60p per mile elsewhere at my discretion. 

Cancellation policy - In the event of a cancellation, the deposits are non-refundable if work has commenced on your order. Any balance paid after the deposit however, can be refunded if the cake is cancelled over 14 days before the cake is due .

Photographs - I reserve the right to photograph your cake order, before collection/delivery for my own reference. 

I f an image is supplied for design, I will do my best to complete it as closely as possible. However colours may vary due to brands used, colours on screens can differ between devices, and some requiring changes due to copyright and design/budget requirements - Each cake artist has their own style you can view the pictures in my Facebook/website gallery to get an idea of mine. Text may also differ.

Release & Liability - I will work with you to ensure you are completely happy with your order. However, once accepted & payment is taken, I accept no responsibility for the order and all transactions are final. If, when the cake is consumed, you are not happy with your order (and you can prove your complaint), I reserve the right to refund some or all of the money paid at my discretion.  

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